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A sock and underwear drive is a congregational, community group, or family-based project that develops compassionate and socially active citizens.


Hosting a donation drive at your church or community group is easy and fun. You simply need a collection basket and a commitment to helping others. And to help ensure your donation drive is successful and fun for all ages, The Drawer provides continuous support and assistance.


After the product has been collected, it needs to be sorted by size and packaged into sets. The Drawer or our partners host events to do just this. This is the fun part. You get to sit with a group of folks and work together. There is usually a lot of chatting and a few rubber band fights.



Funding is needed to support operating expenses as well as purchase socks and underwear. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for cash donations. 

The Drawer needs volunteers of every age and ability. Assistance is needed in outreach, support, breakdown, and distribution of product.