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Providing Warmth and Dignity to Those in Need

Imagine the underwear you are wearing are the only pair you own...


Socks and undergarments are some of the most needed items for the homeless, sheltered, and underprivileged. Providing these most basic needs is simple for groups of all ages, sizes, and faiths.


The Drawer collects and distributes undergarments to those who need them the most. Items are received directly from donations from our community partners, community members, non-profit organizations, and faith-based organizations. We also provide training and support for organizations who wish to provide and distribute in their own outreach.


You wear plastic bags on your feet to keep them dry.

This is a reality for too many people.

Our mission is to provide warmth and dignity to those in need. The Drawer provides these basic needs through the gifts of new socks and underwear.

There are many ways for people of all skills and ages to be involved. Some donate underwear, sort socks, or give financially. 

If your agency or organization has a network of those needing socks or underwear, please contact us.

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